Gestational Carrier (GC)

This is certainly a critical part of the surrogate process, this is where a surrogate mother or otherwise known as a Gestational Carrier (GC) is needed to carry and give birth to a baby.   I am trying to raise funds through my GoFundMe account to help pay to cost which will assist and pave the way for me to start a loving family. 

The average base compensation for surrogacy is $25,000 for first-time surrogates*, but this figure can be very misleading.  Factor in maternity clothes, doctors’ visits, insurance and many other items  and watch the cost skyrocket.  Payments are made monthly and start once pregnancy is confirmed by a physician.  For experienced surrogate, I would have to expect an additional $5,000**.


expected gestational carrier costs

  • First time surrogate pay:           $35,000***
  • Experienced surrogate:                $5,000**
  • Additional expenses:                    $5,500***

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Once again, you can make a difference with a kind donation to assist me in offsetting the total cost for the surrogacy process.  Each and every blessed donation of $50 will go to relieve the exponential but needed costs involved in obtaining a gestational carrier.  Without donations like yours, intended parents like myself will never experience fatherhood and giving love to life itself.  Help me experience all that life has to offer.

Your thoughtfulness and kindness will never go unnoticed and we will always be appreciated. 

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