My story

Hi - My name is Karl Arnold, I'm 53 years old, a single male and with time is running out. Never married and never had children, I will not tell a sad story explaining why and how not having children did not just did not. My only option now to have a child of my own bloodline and cherish life the way many parents do, is through the kindness of a surrogate mother or surrogate carrier (GC) and through the kindness and generosity of many donors like yourselves. 

Surrogacy involves so many areas, from donors to surrogate mothers, from counseling to medical staff and legal representation.  The road can be long and tedious but for those intended parents, it's well worth the trip.

That's me and my small dog in the background.

That's me - and my small dog in the background.

Here is a good idea of costs that I am up against:

Expect cost for   Surrogacy process :

Surrogate Mother Agency  Fees                      $15,600 – $26,500 

Reproductive Law Attorney’s Fees                  $2,500 – $6,000 

Draft of Gestational Carrier Contract             $2,500 – $5,200

Medical Insurance Review                                $500 – $1,000 

Court Order for Birth Certificate                     $2,500 – $5,000

Escrow Management fees                                $1,200 – $1,750

Surrogate Fund Management fee                   $1,400 

GC Compensation-Single/Multiple births      $35,000 - $40,000+

IVF/Medication Costs                                         $12,000 / $1,500

Egg Donor Fee / Medication Costs                  $8,000 / $3900

Housekeeping if needed during pregnancy  $50 a Week 

Child Care if needed during pregnancy         $8 – $15 an Hour

Other Possible Expenses   for Surrogate Mother:

Cesarean Section Fee                                       $1,500 – $3,000

Invasive Procedure Fee                                    $500 – $1,000

Attorneys fee for carrier’s representation    $750 – $1,500

Home study evaluation                                    $500 – $1,200

Psychological counseling                                 $1,000 – $2,500

Health insurance for carrier                            $30,000 

Criminal background check                             $250 per individual


These costs vary depending on chosen agency and based on the above figures the cost can actually be higher. The average cost in the U.S. for the surrogacy process is $100K - $120K.

You can make a difference with a kind donation to assist me in offsetting the total cost for the surrogacy process. Your kind donation of $50 will go towards legal and agency fees, the IVF transfer, medial and background screening, clothing and so much more. Every donation is important and the need for this is life changing. Without donations like yours, intended parents like myself will have to go through life without experiencing fatherhood in my case; the joy of raising a child; the expense of sending them off the college and the reward of being a coach and mentor throughout their lives. Help me experience all that life offers.

I would like to thank you in advance - from both of us (baby & I). Achieving this goal means a lot to us; in fact, it means joy and happiness. Your thoughtfulness and kindness will never go unnoticed and we will always be appreciated. 

I am a real and genuine person and can be reached through the contact page or simply call me at 

703-665-9250 or email at 


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