egg donor

Egg donors are some of the most giving people you can find anywhere.  They donate their eggs so others can create the family of their dreams that otherwise would never happen.   Egg donors have no genetic ties to the baby that will eventually be born to the intended parents.  They are financially compensated for theirs egg(s, the cost of these eggs are passed on to the intended parents.  The two main cost areas involved for a donors eggs are:

  • Egg donor fee:   $8,900
  • Administration fees:   $2,500                                   


To help me in this endeavor I has started a GoFundMe campaign and I request donations from kind and generous people like you who understand and appreciate the meaning of family and connection. 

Each campaign donor can make a difference with a kind donation to assist me in offsetting the total cost of the egg donor as well as the entire surrogacy process.  By skipping coffee and a high calorie donut you can contribute to a great cause that will go to relieve the needed costs involved in obtaining an egg donor.  Without generous donations like yours, intended parents like myself will never experience fatherhood and giving love to life itself.  

Your thoughtfulness and kindness will never go unnoticed and we will always be appreciated. 

I am a real and genuine person and can be reached through the contact button or simply at 703-665-9250 or email at